Younger Persons

Our Younger Persons Service and Kickstart services are for people aged 16-25 who are at risk of homelessness or need support to develop appropriate life skills.

Many people have experienced hardship in their life but there are some whose experience has prevented them from having what many would consider a ‘normal’ upbringing and life. This can leave people without the skills they require to live independently.

Support is provided 24/7 and support staff assist in equipping young people to become independent by setting out approachable goals.

The services are located in Abergele and Wrexham in North Wales and Aberystwyth in West Wales.

All support that we deliver is created flexibly, so it can continually change, making sure the person is at the centre and in control of how they live their life.

Everything we do is under constant review which means we can act quickly to change things straight away when it’s needed. We know in life people change and so must we, we see ourselves as a companion, privileged to share a moment of the journey in a person’s life.

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