Castell Care and Support

Who we are

Castell Care and Support is registered with the Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales (CSSIW) as a Domiciliary Care Provider that can deliver personal care services to adults who may have:

Physical disabilities

Sensory impairment

Learning disabilities

Mental health problems


Download our CSSIW Inspection Report: Inspection Report - English | Inspection Report - Welsh

We are committed to providing people with flexible outcome focused care and support services that are controlled by the person who they are for. We believe that everyone has the right to be treated with dignity and respect and should, at all times, be encouraged to maximise their potential.

The innovative services we provide are led by our caring and compassionate Care and Support Manager (Registered Manager) who has vast experience of supporting people to maximise their potential achieving things they thought were not possible.

We measure how successful we are by the outcomes that the people we support achieve. We firmly believe that we have truly been successful if the people we support no longer need us to support them.

Not all commercial companies work in the same way. Some may talk about their aims, mission and values, but often have only one motive and that is to maximise profit for shareholders. While Castell Care and Support does aim to make a profit, its objectives go much further, they also strive for excellent customer service, seek the best value for money and look to support communities.

First impressions are always important. How the company treats its customers, suppliers, staff and clients will influence what they think of the company and the reputation it develops.

What we do

We primarily provide outstanding care and support services to people who live in Wales & West Housing’s extra care schemes, supported living schemes and general housing.

Our innovative approach is to support adults to gain skills they may have never had or regain the ones they have lost. We do this by spending time understanding what matters to each and every person we support and we then tailor their service so that it fits with their life and places them in control.

Our staff are committed to making a positive difference to the people they support. To help them do this we provide them with comprehensive training not only in the principles of delivering care services but the specific conditions the people they support have. By doing this our staff are able to provide informed services and are better placed to understand the needs of those they support.

We treat every person as an individual with dignity and respect. The services we provide are person-centred and responsive to the person we are supporting. They are not rigid and they are delivered at a time and place that is suitable for them.